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Defining A Win [2015] Part 2

This year I want to win!

And from my definition of “win,” my goals and resolutions will be formed.

I will practice hard, work-hard, train, study, prepare and make a plan of how it is I will win.

But as I posed yesterday; “What is winning in life?” It’s much more complex than winning in a game like football.

As I’m reading through the Bible, a few verses stuck out to me like they haven’t before- Genesis 25:7-8.

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Defining A Win [2015] Part 1

So I heard today that the University of Oregon defeated Florida State University in the College Football Playoff Semifinals. Apparently, this is a big deal around these parts.

That got me thinking-

What does it take to win a football game?

The answer is fairly simple enough- It takes scoring the most points. The Wikipedia entry for football literally says:

The team with the most points at the end of a game wins.

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